Alison Hurst/Safe Place for Youth

A recent catering job for the Rotary Club of Westchester introduced us to an amazing fellow Gemini, Alison Hurst and her Safe Place for Youth (S.P.Y) organization.
After moving to California from London in 2001, Hurst was shocked by the homeless youth epidemic in Los Angeles, California and felt compelled to do something about it. She began making care packages at home with her family and starting passing them out with other volunteers in Hollywood and on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Since then S.P.Y has moved from the trunk of her car to a brand new facility in Venice, California where homeless kids can come for food, counseling, health services or just a shower.
The result of the Rotary International’s generous donation and a lot of elbow grease was celebrated at the S.P.Y Makeover Reveal Party and will provide hope for a lot of homeless kids.

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